Discover Faceyoga with Professional Guidance

I am often approached with questions about why Faceyoga can't simply be learned from books or videos. From my personal experience,  I know how crucial it is to have guidance from an experienced expert.
As a beginner, it can be challenging to differentiate whether exercises are being performed correctly or not. Incorrect movements may not only fail to achieve the desired effect but might even contribute to the formation of new wrinkles. Therefore, it is vital to receive real-time feedback and adjustments, tailoring the exercises to your specific needs.


Here are my offerings for you:

Exclusive 1:1 Premium Coaching with me.

Dive deep into the art of facial rejuvenation on a truly personal level, just between you and me.
In an introductory session (free of charge) I will conduct a facial analysis and listen closely to your concerns and what matters most to you.
We will consider not only your face but also your body, daily routine, and other in-depth aspects. After that, I will design a tailored programme specifically for you.
During the subsequent live coaching sessions, our focus will be on learning and mastering exercises designed just for you.  
Each session is custom-made to align with your individual needs and goals.

The live coaching sessions will take place approximately two to four times. In an additional, specialised coaching module, we willl delve into your overall well-being. We will review your daily routine and eating habits, and I will introduce you to effective methods to enhance not only your outward appearance but also your inner radiance and vitality. If you are ready, together we will identify and transform deep-rooted beliefs and potential barriers that may have previously prevented you from realising your full potential. 

Online via Zoom, 45 minutes each.
Price per session: 180 Euros. 


Foundation Course – Intensive Group Coaching (limited to 10 participants).

Together, we will embark on six goal-oriented live coaching sessions, along with an exclusive bonus coaching. Step by step, we will explore every area of the face and you will learn effective exercises. Our attention will be on the forehead, eyes, cheeks & nose, mouth & lips, and chin and neck.
In the special bonus coaching, you will receive precious advice on your daily routine, dietary recommendations, and tools to harness your inner strength and vitality.

Online via Zoom, 6 x 45 minutes.
Price for six coachings (+ 1 bonus coaching): 300 Euros per participant.